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Our Hammock – Outdoor Monday

Chandler and I enjoyed the hammock for Outdoor Monday and Hunter went to Grama’s house to help her in the garden.  I love the hammock on a warm, breezy day.  We watched the leaves rustle in the breeze, listened to the squirrels and the birds, sang little songs, and talked about making homemade icecream.   After a while we went inside to find the ingredients and went to the store for rock salt.  We mixed up Chandler’s favorite Vanilla and now it is ready to freeze this afternoon.  It’s supposed to be hot today — 93 degrees.  We plan to meet friends at the park, go swimming and then freeze the icecream.  YUM  Some of our peaches are ready so we will make a batch of peach icecream soon. 

I took these pictures this morning while lying in the hammock at 6:30 am (except the peach tree and empty hammock =).  It was only 50 degrees outside but it did not feel cold to me.  I must be a true Oregonian.

Did you do something for Outdoor Monday?

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This entry was posted on August 24, 2010 by in Garden, Homestead, Learning, Nature, Outdoor Challenge, Summer.



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