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Reggio — Mix and Stir

There is a short discussion about Reggio on the Wonder in the Woods Facebook page.  Thank you to Gina and Sherry for the helpful comments.  I want to write about Reggio approach but it’s still percolating in my brain, and I’ve written some on that FB thread too.

Rather than reinvent the wheel, here is a good series about “Reggio and Project-based homeschooling“.  I recently got the same book as reviewed by Sarah from “Amongst Lovely Things” but enjoyed Sarah’s homeschooling twist more than the book, which is for schools.

Where Art Thou, Reggio?“is what I could say about Charlotte Mason and my lack of posts.  CM still influences me.  And I love what she says about project learning in their home.  I feel the same way.

Curriculum of Curiosity” is one I missed at Camp Creek  Blog (not in right side bar?).  This is my favorite post on CCB.  There is a great example of “provocation” and she touches on what I like about Reggio and the other methods/approaches I’ve read about in the last couple of years.  I agree with this statement:

After awhile, you begin to realize that ideas that resonate around something truthful will rise and rise again, until they are recognized by many people in many places.

I know many homeschoolers, including myself, feel frazzled with methods and curriculum.  We are trying this and that until we find what works.  Much of what is written about education is for schools, so we are trying to adapt ideas intended for groups and apply it for a few children in a home environment with real-life experiences.  We don’t have parents or school boards to answer to, depending on your state requirements, so our approach is different from the original.  Blending approaches makes sense to me.

For education ideas, I’m finding blogs more helpful than books.  Once you know what “truths” work for you, then you need practical ideas to carry out your half-formed goals.  My next post will be about the various methods/approaches and what I like about each one.  It will help me pull it all together, without missing an important piece (for us).

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