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Taming Clutter

After reading Angie’s latest post and remembering this post from Little Eco Footprints, I decided to cut my wardrobe in half. My goal was to keep 3 of each type of clothing.

This is what I ended up with:  1 jammie top, 4 jammie pants, 3 jeans that fit, 2 jeans too big, 6 t-shirts, 3 capri pants, 3 shorts (2 jean, 1 athletic), 3 pullover sweaters, 3 sweater jackets, 3 zipper hoodies, 1 athletic hoodie, 3 nice skirts, 2 dirt skirts, 6 casual tops, 3 dressy tops, 6 tank tops, 2 robes (1 heavy and 1 light), 1 polar fleece jacket, 1 jean jacket, 1 heavy jacket, and plenty of unmentionables.  I could probably cut back further but I’ll see how this goes.

Bulk-wise, we donated a third to half of my clothing.

I also went through the boys’ clothes and now their clothes easily fit in each of their dressers.  I donated one big laundry basket of their clothes (some outgrown and some were just too many).  We also donated two big boxes of books and a big box of games today.

While I sorted and boxed, Kelly entered it all into Turbo Tax It’s Deductible.   He came up with a total of $650 in donations.  It’s Deductible has a standard deduction for common items.

Pretty good for half a day’s work.

One comment on “Taming Clutter

  1. driftwoods
    May 29, 2011

    Right on target for me. I’ve been itching to clean out my closet all week. You’ve inspired me. I’m going to do it!

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