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Education Apps for iPod or iPad

Edited 6/2/2012

We got *both* boys an iPod touch shortly after this originally posted because they learned so much from these apps.  This year we will get the larger iPad.  The educational apps really work for right brained learners.  There is a NOOK for iPad app so the boys can get their “I Can Read!” books and have a library to go.  Many free books too!

We got OtterBox to protect their iPods.  They work well!

* indicates the apps we downloaded.  Our favorites are in purple.

*Coin Math  $1.99
Counting Fish  $0.99
CyberChase Math Match   $0.99
Grover’s Number Special  $2.99
Grow Your Garden  $1.99
*Jungle Math Bingo  $0.99
*Kids Math Fun Second Grade $1.99
*Math Bingo  $0.99
Math Board  $4.99
Math Magic  $0.99
*Motion Math  $ FREE
Park Math HD  $0.99
*Rocket Math  $0.99
*SamPhibian  $ FREE
*Tell Time LT  $FREE
The Counting Game  $0.99
Dr. Suess Apps
First Words: Animals  $1.99
*ABC Cursive Lite  $FREE
*ABC Cursive Writing $0.99
*ABC Print Lite  $FREE
* iWrite Words Handwriting Game $2.99
*Learn Sight Words  $0.99
*Learn Reading  $2.99
*Licking Letters  $0.99
*Memory Game Spelling Words  $1.99
*Montessori Crosswords $2.99
My Blackboard  $0.99
*Phonics Made Easy  $4.99
Pocket Phonics  $2.99
*Polly Wally Sight Words  $0.99
Scrabble  $0.99
*Sight Word Bingo  $0.99
*Sight Words Pro $0.99
*Smiley Sight Words  $0.99
SpellBoard  $4.99
Super Why!  $2.99
*TeachMe: Kindergarten $0.99    
 *TeachMe: First Grade $0.99
*Word Bingo  $0.99
Word Magic  $0.99
Word Search Kids $0.99
*Word Wizard  $2.99
*Bob Books  $1.99
BrightKnight Kingdom  $ ?
Classics $2.99
*Free Books  $FREE  (23,469 classic books in one app)
*iBooks  $FREE
*iLibrary + Audio  $0.99
*Kindle  $FREE
*LadyBird Classic ME Books  $0.99
Long Vowel Short Stories  $0.99
*Mad Libs  $FREE
*Mee Genius! Children’s Books  $FREE
The Wizard of Oz  $0.99
*Piccolo Picture Books  $FREE
Puss in Boots  $3.99
Reading for Kids 100 Ways $FREE
Scott’s Submarine  $2.99
*Sparkle Fish It!  (similar to MadLibs)  $FREE
Story Box Read, Learn, Play  $3.99
The Duck in the Truck  $0.99
*TouchyBook  $FREE
*3D Brain  $FREE
*Angry Birds (physics)  $0.99
*Audubon Nature Pacific Northwest Guide  $9.99
Bat Attack  $0.99
*Big Machines   $FREE
*Dinosaur: American Museum of Natural History $FREE
*Fishing Knots  $0.99  (25 animated knots)
*Flick Fishing $0.99
Freshwater Aquarium $0.99
*Geared $FREE
*iBird Backyard Plus $2.99
iLearn Solar System HD  $0.99
*iSolunar Hunting and Fishing Times $4.99
*Monster Mouth DDS  $FREE
Plants vs. Zombies  $2.99
*Sky View  $FREE
Solar Walk 3D  $2.99
StarMap 3D  $1.99
StarMap  $11.99
Star Walk  $2.99
The Elements: A Visual Exploration  $13.99
*Wooden Labyrinth  $FREE
123 Word Geography  $1.99
Birthdays In History  $0.99
Civilization Revolution $6.99
Geocaching  $9.99
*Google Earth  $FREE
*Kids World Maps  $FREE
*National Geographic Kids $FREE
Oregon Trail  $0.99
*Presidents vs. Aliens  $0.99
*Stack the Countries  $1.99
*Stack the States  $0.99
USA Shake the States  $1.99
*Art (Fine Art)  $0.99
*Art Pets! Lite  $FREE
*Awesome Xylophone  $1.99
Color and Draw for Kids  $0.99
*Drum Kids  $0.99
*GeniKids Orchestra  $1.99
*Glow Doodle  $0.99
Instruments in Reach Basic  $2.99
iMelodica  $0.99
*Knitting Help (videos) $4.99  (awesome!)
Pianist  $3.99
Preschool Music  $0.99
School of Rock  $0.99
*The Day the Music Stopped  $2.99
Ultimate Guitar Tabs  $2.99
*Vintage Toy Piano  $0.99
*BrainPop Feature Movie  $FREE
*WeetWoo!  $3.99
*Checkers  $FREE
*Burn the Rope $0.99
*Cut the Rope  $0.99
*Face Goo Lite  $FREE  Funny!
Fantastic 4 in a Row  $0.99
Glow Hockey 2D  $FREE
*Highlights Hidden Pictures  $1.99
I SPY Spooky Mansion  $0.99
iStunt 2 Insane Hills  $FREE
*Jigsaw Jumble  $FREE
*Lasers Free $FREE
Ninja Chicken  $0.99
Reversi (like Othello) $1.99
*Simon Says  $FREE
*Spy Mouse $0.99
*Tic Tac Toe  $FREE
Uno (TM) $0.99
Zombie Farm  $FREE

3 comments on “Education Apps for iPod or iPad

  1. tricia
    September 6, 2011

    This is an awesome post. Thanks for sharing these as it makes my life so much easier now. I recently bought a touch and the only time I have to browse around shopping for things like this is pretty nil. I did get to spend an hour checking things out while waiting for daughter to get an eye exam but haven’t had a single minute since. I was impressed with what I did see during that time and really want to look into a few of these. And they are cheap.

  2. Mary S.
    September 7, 2011

    My daughter just started Kindergarten, so I wanted to get her some educational yet fun games. Thanks for the post! My top 3 from the list:

    Spelling: Licking Letters (arcade style spelling game)
    Math: Rocket Math (all different types of # games)
    Books: Bob Books (based off of the real Bob Books!)

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