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Books for Family History

I found these possibilities through the Scholastic BookWizard and Amazon searches. If we like a title, I will post about it after we read them.

Minnesota Chapter Books:

Minnesota Illustrated Books:

  • The Song of Sampo Lake by William Durbin  (A – YA)
  • Maple Moon by Connie Brummel Crook, Scott Cameron (A)
  • The Windiog’s Return: A North Woods Story by Douglas Wood (A)
  • Sugaring Time by Kathryn Lasky (A)
  • The Sacred Harvest: Ojibwe Wild Rice Gathering by Gordon Regguinti (C)
  • The Town the Moved by Mary Jane Finsand (P)
  • From Tree to Table by Susan Ring  (A)
  • Lake Superior by Ann Armbruster (C)
  • The Chippewa by Alice Osinksi (C)
  • Let’s Go Fishing on the Ice by George Travis (C)
  • V is for Viking by Kathy-jo Wargin (C)
  • The Four Hills of Life: Ojibwe Wisdom by Thomas Peacock (P or B)

Oklahoma Chapter Books:

Oklahoma Illustrated Books:

  • The Dust Bowl by David Booth (C)
  • Buffalo Jump by Peter Roop (P)
  • Jim Thorpe’s Bright Path by Joseph Bruchac (?)
  • Bright Path Young Jim Thorpe by Don Brown (A)
  • I Have Heard of Land by Joyce Carol Thomas (C)
  • S is for Sooner: An Oklahoma Alphabet by Devin Scillian (C)
  • The Dust Bowl by Allison Lassieur (A)

California Chapter Books:

  • California Blue by David Klass
  • Clem’s Chances by Sonia Levitin (A – YA)

California Illustrated Books:

California Videos:

Oregon Chapter Books:

Oregon Illustrated Books:


  • A – Albany
  • B – Borrow from someone we know
  • C – Corvallis
  • N – Netflix
  • P – Purchase or Personal Library
  • S – Salem
  • Y – You Tube

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