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Cousin Discoveries: The Coast

In the middle of July, my mom, sister and nephews visited us.  Our boys got to spend a whole week with their cousins.  Rhyder is 7 years old and Cobain is 13 months old.  These are their discoveries:

The boys discovered that there is no such thing as a third wheel when they get along so well together.   It was a great week!

They discovered hidden hiking trails.

They discovered Aunt Sissy was always ready with the camera.  These two were good about a quick pose and smile, then off again.  Hunter needed a bit more convincing for groups shots, and, of course, I got plenty of candid shots.  I had a blast photographing our week.  1400+ photos!

Then they discovered the tide pools together.  This is Rhyder’s first time to explore tide pools on the Oregon Coast.

They discovered hermit crabs and various shells.

They discovered big crabs…

…and little crabs.

They saw someone catch a fish in a shell.

They explored the area around the Yaquina Head Lighthouse.

It was a fantastic day trip.

2 comments on “Cousin Discoveries: The Coast

  1. G
    July 29, 2012

    What a lovely week! The woods and the seashore are two of our favorite spots. Love all the pictures!

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