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Celebrating Big Reading Progress!

I am recording Hunter’s final scores on the five Dolch word reading tests that we started using in December 2010.  Today Hunter read all but 9 of the words without hesitation.  Then 8 of those 9 he figured out and could read them without hesitation later in the day.  The only word left is “laugh” which he learned today. I will ask him to read “laugh” tomorrow and we will be laughing together as we happily move forward to the next reading stage!

He is doing well with Time4Learning language arts.  He has made big leaps in his reading ability.  I think practicing phoneme segmentation and syllables really helped him.  I got the idea to practice this and how to do it from Reading Reflex and also some more ideas from Reading Horizons.

Doing a happy dance now.

Dolch Words Tests

  • Pre (40): 12/10 (18),  4/11 (30),  5/12 (40), 9/12 (40)
  • Primer (52): 12/10 (22),  4/11 (32), 5/12 (47), 9/12 (52)
  • First (41): 12/10 (16), 4/11 (21), 5/12 (35), 9/12 (41)
  • Second (46): 5/12 (27), 9/12 (46)
  • Third (41):  5/12 (25), 9/12 (40)

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