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Hatfield Marine Science Center

We have many great museums in Oregon that also have education programs.   Hatfield Marine Science Center is part of OSU in Newport.  They have homeschool days a couple of times per year, or groups or schools can arrange classes.  The minimums are reasonable and the programs are great.

Last Friday we went to Hatfield with our 4H group.  We learned about marine adaptations, the scientific process with crab races, and the kids really enjoyed the tsunami simulator.  I also found a great book that we will use as a marine science curriculum, “Once Upon a Seashore” by Gloria Snively.  The book has 12 fun unit studies.

Ghost Shrimp found in the estuary and brackish waters.

The kids viewed plankton in a beaker, then poured them in the water to watch the barnacles feed on them (also barnacle feeding on youtube).

All the kids got to touch and handle the sea star, then we watched a clam furiously use it foot to try to get away from the sea star.  Later we watched a video that shows how a sea star inserts its stomach into a mussel, digests it from inside the shell, then retracts its stomach.  Amazing!  Two firsts for me too.

Feeling the spiny skin (echinoderm).

The clam is trying to get away!

Scientific process explained and practiced with crab races.  Super fun!

Building a village to demolish and boats to sink with a tsunami.

The kids are able to program and test various wave patterns.

One comment on “Hatfield Marine Science Center

  1. Gillian
    October 16, 2012

    Such a fun-looking field trip! I love field trips that encourage the hands-on aspect.

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