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Trying to Help

Chandler is trying to help with things around the house.  He does a pretty good job when he works with us, but if he tries to do it on his own, things happen.

Here is the nesting box that Daddy and Hunter built together.   See the pretty RED barn paint? It matches the hen house.

Here is the project that each boy says was the other boy’s idea.  Chandler did the painting with a handful of leaves.

It does not wash off.  I was mad.  I told him he has to ask before using paint.  I sent him to his room.  Kelly says it doesn’t look too bad.  I realize Chandler probably did not know it wouldn’t wash off, since we have washable paints in the house.

I can laugh when telling our friends about it.  I laugh and then see it again and feel a tiny bit upset again.  If we sand the deck, it will not match the aging of the rest of the deck.  Maybe I should get a leaf stamp and try to make it more decorative and less paint spill looking.  Hunter thinks we should have a splatter deck.  Um, no.

Maybe I’m not a fun Mom.  Maybe I’m too uptight (I wasn’t mad about the broken window), but earlier in the day he spilled a drink on my newer, nicer chair.


He’s just being a 6-year-old kid — a really cute and helpful boy.  Here he is helping me crack walnuts.  His idea.

I laugh and hug him because he is more important to me than this house and any *thing* in it.

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