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Days to Remember

Today we had the best homeschooling day ever.  Hunter likes the cyphers in Singapore Math, so he asked me to make him one for his math pages.  I remembered we have this Knock-Knock joke book and surprised him by using two of the jokes for his cypher.  He did the math, I did the writing.

He wrote the letters and practiced writing ‘g’ and ‘a’ below.

When he realized the cypher is Knock Knock jokes, his eyes lit up and he took the book claiming it for his own.  He read jokes to me for 45 minutes. I’ve never seen him so eager to read on his own.  If he needed help with the word for “Who’s there?,” he would cover the punch line.  We laughed so much.  I loved seeing him try to work out the double meanings of the words and then laughing hysterically when he got it.   I never want to forget this day.

We had another break through with writing this week.  He wrote thank you notes and was able to do it without frustration and without losing his place on the copywork.  This is a huge improvement from last year.  It is clicking for him and it is wonderful to witness.

“‘Mega’ me a pumpkin pie,” coming right up!

After this the boys had an idea for a game.  The really are very creative.  We had to work out some of the details so it was fun for all. Hunter is so earnest with his game ideas, and flexible.  This is what they used for the game:

They dealt 5 cards to each person.  Then each player plays one card at a time.  The highest card won the trio.  Then the person who won the trio got an extra die to roll, rolling 3 dice instead of 2 dice.  The number on the dice determined the number of tiles you get.  After this we made words with those tiles, helping each other. At the end of the game, which wasn’t determined except for feeling tired, the person with the most words gets to go first throwing a bean bag in a basket.  The first person to make a basket wins the game.  Hunter had the most words, but Chandler made the first basket.  *Win-Win*

After this the boys thought it would be fun to have a tea party.  I was needing a  rest since I’m fighting off a cold.  They did all the preparation for our tea party.  We also had lunch and took tea.  The boys used their best manners, especially Hunter.  Chandler still held his fork like a cave man.

2 comments on “Days to Remember

  1. Only Small Things
    October 21, 2012

    But you know, personally…I am a big fan of prehistoric man. Especially at tea parties. Sounds like a great day! Good job, mama!

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