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Core Knowledge

I had a lovely email chat with an old blogging friend who lives all the way in Pennsylvania.  She mentioned Core Knowledge and I had to ask since I’m hearing the buzz about it.  She wrote this very informative FAQ post about it and it is even better than I thought.  I have the goofy books she is referring to and I use them for lack of anything else.  I’m looking forward to digging into the Core Knowledge site.   Since we have two boys, I can pick and choose from each of their grades. I can see that we have already done some of it for 2nd and 3rd grades.   Chandler will be in 2nd grade next school year, and Jessica’s Benjamin is in 2nd grade right now.  Her boy is between our boys.  I really wish we lived closer.  Our boys would be great friends.

Today the weather was WONDERFUL.  It felt like summer at 55 degrees in the sun. Yeah!  I washed half the house with suds and bleach.  It looks so good.  It took me two hours. Then I visited with a friend and we went for a 30 minute walk in her beautiful neighborhood — uphill both ways.  She had to stop and wait for me.

The boys did what they were made to do.  They played in the mud.  Later they got into a mud fight after missing Lego League.  I went by myself since they were a mess.  It turned Chandler’s hair brown they said.   Kelly had them wash in the COLD water hose before going into the house. The boys were cracking up as they were telling me the whole story and talked over each other.  I guess the hose did not do the trick and they turned the bath tub brown too.


One comment on “Core Knowledge

  1. An Everyday Story
    March 5, 2013

    Doing what they were made to do; wonderfully said.

    What a wonderful afternoon.

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