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Whole 30 Update

I have good news! My cholesterol is good, which is totally surprising because I’ve gone against conventional dietary recommendations since January 1st. My cholesterol was 240 in January 2011. This year, after five and a half months of clean eating, 29 pounds lost, and 50% of my daily intake from healthy fats — plenty of olive oil, coconut oil, butter, bacon, nuts, heavy whipping cream, red meat, avocados, etc. — now my cholesterol is 192!  Here are the numbers: triglycerides 118, HDL 39 and LDL 129. She said they like to see HDL over 45, but she said it is OK. My blood pressure was 118/84 at my doctor’s appointment too.  I am super happy to be able to continue this way of eating without any more changes.

I’ve tried some grains since January.  The only grain I can eat without pain is steamed white rice.  I’ve tried some gluten-free baking and brown rice flour irritates my stomach. I also found out that corn is in EVERYTHING including baking powder and xanthan gum.  I made corn-free, aluminum-free baking powder, but the xanthan gum and guar gum are likely corn and soy based.  I give up on grains.  The only hopeful thing I’ve seen is this article about heritage grains.  Until there is some evidence that heritage grains are good for the gluten-sensitive, and grains like einkorn are more readily available, I will stick with what I know works for me.

I have more energy on the days I eat strictly primal foods.  I am working in the garden for hours at a time.  I’m getting stronger and slimming down.  Hello, long-term gluten-free corn-free paleo/primal way of life.



3 comments on “Whole 30 Update

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  2. Karyn @ kloppenmum
    May 19, 2013

    So pleased for you! It’s great to hear success stories like yours: inspiring for so many others.

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