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End of Summer

We finished week two of homeschooling.  All of us are feeling renewed enthusiasm for homeschooling.  I’m glad we started early.  After touring the school and talking to other people about our local elementary, we have decided to continue homeschooling.  Kelly feels like there is not enough supervision in public school.  Not everyone agrees, but there is a high child to adult ratio, and one friend goes to supervise at recess because there are not enough adults on the playground.

We shelter our children in many ways and we would like to keep it this way a while longer.  We don’t have to worry about them socially because they make friends easily and already have many friends they see a few times per week.  The only reason I would send them to school is to get a break and keep them busy.  After 10 years of parenting and homeschooling I felt burned out.  Now I have a couple of friends who I can pay or trade for child care.  I also prioritized what is most important to our family and the kids’ educational goals and “threw out” the rest –as in boxed up or put out of my mind.

We really enjoyed the pool this summer. Both boys are swimming and diving in the deep end of the pool.  I’m pleased that they have essentially taught themselves to swim at their own pace.  Hunter can float on his back and this is one thing I want Chandler to learn too. I think he does not have enough body fat/mass to float.  He tries.

Hunter and I are starting a scuba class next week. Hunter is reading the scuba diving manual with a little help from us.  We will be busy 4 days per week this year.  Both boys are doing Teaching Textbooks 5, Explode the Code for spelling, typing lessons, and copywork as their independent work, plus their reading and writing with me or Kelly.  I might use Grammar Island and Writing with Ease, but only if it makes life easier.  We also have group learning opportunities a couple of times per week.

We’ve seen some amazing summer sunsets too!  I wish I had my camera with me last week.  The sunset was the most amazing peach and pink glow I’ve ever seen. I was later told it was because of the smoke from the wildfires that made the glow spread like that.  It was like a giant peach in the sky.  Here is another great sunset at our house.

I also went to the Oregon Garden in August with some mom friends.  I feel good thinking about what I need to continue to homeschool.


2 comments on “End of Summer

  1. Jane
    November 5, 2013

    I see that you are doing typing and have a list of typing books in another spot. Which program do you / the kids like?

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